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Music Albums: Apparatus With Instructions, Mintsauce Expansion Module, Space Experiments , Accelerating Through The Nineties
Videos: Franchising Your Dreams, Pink Fruit Crystal, Disenfranchisement

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Mintsauce Expansion Module1 creditAUDIO
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The "MINTSAUCE - Expansion Module" album is a collection of recordings based on original compositions by soundtrack composers Steve Lowther and C.P.Bryan. These mixes have been produced by C.P.Bryan in the mashup style: audio collage using an ecclectic range of source music styles and genres. Like the innovative House Music DJ~s of yore who created a new style of music by beat matching the audio streams of two separate turntables, MINTSAUCE is a kitchen-laboratory experiment where original music from the two contributing composers is sliced, diced and blended to produce new flavours to please the palate of a discriminating foody music gourmand: Pure Cut~n~Mix audio poetry!

All of the tracks released on the "Expansion Module" album are also available for royalty free licensing for use in multimedia productions from freesoundtrackmusic.com.

Track #Track NamePreview
01Trip Forever (Lowther,Bryan)preview
02Op-Erratic DUB (Lowther,Bryan)preview
03Chips and Curry Sauce (Lowther,Bryan)preview
04We Are Being Pixelated! (Bryan)preview
05Corner of Nothing (Bryan)preview
06Breaking For Donuts (Lowther,Bryan)preview
07Tea With The Pixies (Lowther,Bryan)preview
08Ice Queen Sandwich (Bryan)preview
09Flowers of Krypton (Bryan)preview
10Quest For Pleasantness (Bryan)preview

Results 1 to 1 ( of 1 ) for search on: "Expansion Module"